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I was prompted to invite my friend today by a post on her blog. This is mad because I have known her for ages and should have hauled her over here before.lisa

Here comes the carpet and with her hair blowing in the wind is Lisa Shambrook. (hug squee kiss kiss) Big hugs and squeee back! Thanks for having me over! I’m so excited to see your garden…

You look well. That outfit is so YOU! I’m really good right now, I’m in Dr Martens (you know how I love my boots!) my everyday black jeans and a flowy indigo and black top printed with silhouetted trees… how are you?

bootsI’m OK, boots as well of course! Come and sit in the garden and chat about Life the Universe and Everything. Your garden is beautiful, do you have a favourite plant here? I’m loving the velveteen irises coming up in mine. 

That huge red rose bush is my personal pet but the Old Feller loves his Wysteria (or Pissusoffenis as he called it when it didn’t flower for two years!)

This is the blog piece that moved me, about a) deciding who we are and b) sticking with that. I have one problem – you are such a conundrum, Lisa – who are you?

*sighs* That is the question I’ve been trying to answer for years! (takes a sip from elderflower cordial, and bite of lemon cake…) Ooh, this is gorgeous!

Thanks. I made the cake but the cordial comes from one of my adopted grannies in the village. I know Lisa the writer

The writer has been there from the very beginning, reading everything I could get my hands on, sketching and painting irischaracters and ideas, and then flowing from my imagination in words to paper, like an unstoppable river.

Then there is Lisa the spiritual person

I’m an empath, so I feel deeply. I feel it all especially from nature right through to the cosmos and all that might be out there. I feel a spiritual connection with my world and a belief that embraces me through Christianity. I want to live my best life, because I feel there’s much more to come in the hereafter.

Yes, I’m an empath too and sometimes have to shut right down or go under with the weight of it. I’m very jealous of Lisa the Cosplay Queen.cosplay

Ha ha! I loved dressing up as a child, finding voile to wrap around me, fancy shoes (though I never had any – I didn’t get my first heels ‘til I was in my thirties!) and pretending I was someone else… I’m sure you played dress up too, and you don’t have to be a child either, do you? It was my daughter, Bekah, who inspired cosplay – she’s the Queen, I’m still a pretender! Her Thranduil blew me away and I wanted to join in. As a family we’ve been to Comic Con and created our own themed family photoshoots – the most recent, our Post-Apocalyptic family portrait which evolved into an actual book ‘Human 76’.

Right! I was and am the dress-up queen of all time but don’t get to do it with others, apart from one mad friend in London! How did you decide who you were and how to fit all these people into one body? I ask because I have similar problems.

I have to embrace who I am, every aspect of myself, because if I didn’t I’d lose myself. My creative side is hugely important to me, not only does it feed my writing and my books, but it’s intrinsic. I have to acknowledge all parts of me – from my anxiety to my warrior, mother, daughter, and wife, peacemaker to rebel, romantic observer to world-weary cynic, from being both broken and whole. I am all of these and more. Most of us are, and I refuse to put myself in a box or accept labels…I am much more than the sum of a label.
Interestingly, my children call me Lisa, not Mum, I love that they do this, so much. Lisa is my given name, she’s who I am. Being Mum is part of me, but not all of me.
And people like you, have made me feel comfortable in my own skin, shown me that I don’t have to be what everyone else wanted, so thank you!

I admire you for deciding to be you come what may – who was trying to change you?

I grew up shy, and quiet, and the peacemaker of the family. I could, and have, blamed others for trying to change me, to mould me, but in the end we are what we believe we are, and we have to climb out of the boxes people put us in. I had low self-confidence and didn’t feel I was worth much, so, I kept myself to myself, searching for one or two real friends. Several things have happened in my life which drowned me (not literally) and it wasn’t until I faced my demons that I was able to repair some of the damage. I’m a work in progress. But, now I know my worth and I will fight to help others know theirs!
Wow, Ailsa, look at that butterfly! We’re all like that, just waiting to open our wings and fly!

I know and that’s why I love this garden it is full of “people” being who they are, lizards, flying beetles and every form of rodent. Where next? Is there anything you would like to concentrate on or are you happy juggling these personalities? Do you wake up in the morning and decide “which me” to be today, like I do?

As I’ve got older and more secure in myself, I’ve realised it doesn’t matter what people think of me. I am who I am – I don’t need permission to be anything. I don’t fit into a box and this world wants to put us all into boxes with
Don’t let them.
Every time I see one of those quizzes that wants me to choose three words to describe myself, I can’t. I am more than three words, we are all much more than three words. We are a multitude of intricacies, we are all the same yet so beautifully different!

I’ve had my years stuffed in a cocoon, I’ve pushed my way out, and now is the time to spread my wings and be glorious.
Some days we’ll fly, some days we’ll look for shelter from the rain, sometimes we’ll drink from the rain, but when we can we should enjoy the sunshine and the flowers and spread those wonderful wings!

Sometimes I lose myself in my own worlds in my imagination, because my own world can be harsh, we all need to embrace who we are, and our diversity should bring us together. See how the flowers all bloom together…so should we.

Thank you so much for having me over, I can always be myself with you!

catOf course you can. I would be more than honoured and delighted to have you come back and “just be” any time you want to. x  Let me help you back up onto the carpet and don’t forget your cat … he’s been playing with Piston while we spoke.

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Lisa began weaving intricate stories inside her imagination from a young age, but these days her words find themselves bursting forth as flash fiction, short stories and novels. A love of the ocean and life in West Wales, rich in legend and lore, heavily influence her lyrical and emotional writing.

Lisa is a sensory writer and delves into sensitive subject matters that will lift your spirit and steal your heart.

You can find her novels ‘Beneath the Rainbow’, ‘Beneath the Old Oak’ and ‘Beneath the Distant Star’ at and she blogs under the alter-ego The Last Krystallos at

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