WILD? Bloody furious!

See that photo up there? Does that look to you like a WILD macaque? No, me neither.

Please welcome my guest today, Chippy the Macaque who is being held prisoner by ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society(Singapore)

Can you tell us what happened, Chippy? Sorry, I’ll translate for you, as my readers don’t understand you. So you were in a park? That would be Kent Ridge Park in Singapore, right? OK.  There is a nasty laboratory near there where they do horrible things to your kind, isn’t there? Yes I thought so

So you were either an escaped pet or one from the lab? OK. Thank you Chippy.

Your carriage to Wales, Chippy!

And this nice lady, Madame Prema, gave you food and became your friend, awwwww that’s nice because as a non-chippy2wild monkey you wouldn’t be able to live there. Nice kind Madame Prema. She told us all about you which is how Jan Garen at the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary got to hear. She is an expert and specialises in taking ex-captives to give them a comfortable, healthy and happy home. She would like to offer you a home too.

Nasty men with sticks came and tried to hurt Madame Prema and her family then they got you? How dare they?

So now we aren’t sure what is happening because these vile ACRES people are telling lies. They say you are wild and they are going to release you into the wild. That is a stupid idea – you couldn’t live in the wild with macaques who don’t know you any more than I could! You would be killed as a stranger before you could starve!

I’m wild because ACRES keeps telling lies, won’t show us any photos of you and won’t listen to reason. We have petitioned and signed and asked til we are blue in the face…(what? no, that’s mandrills, darling)

Shall we ask all my friends out there to do something to help? OK.  Please go and sign this petition

Ask questions on ACRES site on FB 

Tell them on Twitter

Thank you for speaking with me in Shamanic journeying, Chippy. We are all working hard for you – I hope we can get you to your forever comfy home. xxxx

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