Get me an HEA!

Hello, Nanny Ab here. You find me in less than my usual mixture of jolly and furious. I’ve just seen something I’ve never seen before and it broke my tough old heart. Tink, the Happy Endings Fairy – you remember her, the GothFae who smokes purple sparkly cigarettes to stay visible and downs pints of coffee to keep her grouned. I know Missy and Cam have written about her. I’ve just seen her in tears.  I’m so upset I can’t get my pipe to light and that makes me cross.

baby-tinkShe is another of my old protégées. Of course I’ve had a few. Missy is the last in a long line of Moondaughters I’ve trained but Tink was always special. Highly gifted, of course. Always destined for something big, I remember predicting that at her cradle when she pulled my nose and giggled helplessly. Even when I poked her back with a sharp finger she just bit it and continued to laugh. That kid had the biggest laugh I’ve ever heard and it hasn’t changed. Remember when we gave Cam a challenge and said Tink had to marry a human male or lose her ability to materialise? Bless him, he stepped up to the plate and married her, even though marrying a woman had never crossed his mind and I wondered if he’d run away screaming! I believe she gave him a rather special prize for that…

It isn’t often that a human witch-child gets promoted to the Fae but there was always something about her. She cared, you see. Tried so hard to pretend she didn’t but collected lost-causes like Missy collects lost animals, you could say they are quite alike but I don’t see Missy going Fae on us. Don’t ask me how long ago it was in human years, I find those very confusing. Remembering that I am over 350 still gives me the willies. She wasn’t called Tink then and I don’t expect she’d like me to tell you her human name.

sparkle-smokeI believe it was after the Burning Times but men were still very cautious of those who could do good for no reason, perhaps they always will be…Tink was murdered, quite officially by serious men in black and only my intercession with the Fae saved her spirit. They promoted her and eventually she became the Happy Endings Fairy. That’s why she wears her Goth disguise, it amuses her to dress up as the men who killed her and look scary. She was delighted to discover nail varnish when she hit this century, and magic smokies which change colour according to the mood of the purple-smokesmoker. My pipe is a bit like that which is why I can’t get the bloody thing to light now … dammit!

HEA is an abbreviation used in writing romance – Happy Ever After . Well Tink is in tears because that is kind of her job and a someone she loves very much needs an HEA but can’t even get a HFN (Happy For Now). It’s breaking her heart because she can do so much magic for others but when it really counts, she is powerless and no, I can’t interfere either.

Tell you what! If you believe in Fairies – clap hard and wish her well … please?

Thank you from Nanny Ab. Nanny Ab Hair



8 thoughts on “Get me an HEA!

  1. Tell Tink that your BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) is also hers – Oh – and my Naughty Chimps all want to send both of you kisses – I’d put them (the kisses, not the chimps) into the freezer for a while though – they tend to be sticky wet when fresh 😃😘😘😘

  2. Tink and Nanny Ab say thanks to all of you – the two of them are curled up on the sofa, sharing a pipe of Nanny’s favourite mixture. I’m sure that between us we can all help get it sorted xxxxxxx

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