Lily tells…

Hello friends, especially new friends on Flipper. I want to tell you about Mum being fierce.

Got to understand that Mum can “go canine” when she wants. Think she does this with cats & horses too. She don’t bark or sniff bums but she can go in head and do understandings. This why people say “Oh your dog so obedient”

lily-avatarhahahahhaha No is because Mum don’t shout or hit, she click paw and look where she want me to be. I know if I do sit, lie or die I will get cuddles and strokes. Then other people say “Good dog” and fuss me too. Even if I am far off down lane to the river, if she make herself small and hold out front paws I come running back because I know I get BIG cuddles (and bikkie)

So Mum not always fierce but, like all mums, she get very protective if we are threatened.

It was long times ago. Not good at this but it was two naked-trees cold-time and when my big brother Titch was with cat-typingus, before he went rainbow. It was before Piston got adopted. Piston is helping me type this cos he is kind.

We were walking on leads like proper dogs and up by the farm there are two bad dogs. They are fierce-bad and their 13584755_648993221919354_6393596680796472324_omum never shut them away or in garden. So these naughty boys come and start to try pick a fight with Titch cos he was big boy. I hided behind Mum cos I am only little.

Mum was like Rottweiler! She normally walk on hind legs but she went on four legs like dog and she said low and gruff in human but sounded like very angry dog, showing teef n all. Not sure what she said in human but in canine it sounded like “Listen you. I am Alpha Bitch around here and that my boy. You want fight him, you fight me first. Want to try it?”

Them bad boys ran away, tails down. I was proud of Mum even when she had to use Titch to get up cos she like German Shepherd, got stiff knees and hips. We walked home going “Dat our mum, dat is”  Titch was bit cross cos he said he could have taken them even if he was on end of lead but happy that Mum would act like real mum-dog.

We had bikkie when we went home but were sad cos we didn’t have bikkie to give to her. She had hot drink, burning coffee_and_cigarette_by_ellatranstick and made hur hur hur noise long times. Dad said she was mentul!

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