50 Shades of error

I have mentioned before that I am Bipolar and this means I function in two modes, full speed or stop. I also have difficulty detecting shades, things are black or white, emotionally speaking. The expression “all or nothing” was made for me. It is all connected with feeling things too much or, as my darling psychiatrist said “having no skin emotionally”.

This is why I find moderation hard to practice, not just in drinking as most people take that to mean, although yes, when I was a practicing alcoholic I was off my face every night and now I am dry I don’t drink at all. It also means that I take things to ridiculous extremes.

untitled-design-14Look at publicity. I wish you would, I’m going to be doing a lot more of it. Having decided that too much publicity was a bad thing, akin to walking up to total strangers and shoving my books under their noses, I virtually gave up advertising. Social media has become a souk with authors all screaming their wares to each other and nobody listening.

Go on Twitter and you will find any number of “businesses” offering to advertise your book for money. They plant ads in social media several times a day in the hope that people will see them. Well, listen, Buster, I’ve been had like that before. I gave my money to a supposedly professional advertiser who then picked favourites and gave them priority. We were not all treated equally although paying the same fees. One word is OFF and the first starts with F. I will not name him but….

There is a perfectly usable ap called “Buffer” which allows me to schedule my own advertising and with the free aps available to me do do graphics I can work out a week’s worth of publicity in a morning. No fees involved.Baggy with Alchemy

I am trying to find balance between being my own potty but loveable self on social media and reminding people that I also have books to sell. So bear with me………. bear, geddit?

I shall try not to swamp you with ads and you are free to ignore them but for the sake of my own sanity I have to find the middle ground. Thanks xxx

10 thoughts on “50 Shades of error

  1. Any minute now a brand new ‘platform’ is going to pop it’s head up above the madding crowd and everyone will hop on that and spam it to death.

    Sometimes it looks like trying to surf a 30 meter wave into shore – they’ve gotta stay ahead of the curve or they’ll wipe out. (cue Breach Boys surfin’ songs). Me? I’m planning on swimming out to the deep water beyond the breakers and ride the long deep swells. šŸ˜€

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