A Mixed Blessing

As you will have gathered by now, I’m a sociable soul who will chat to anyone. I don’t make real friends that easily but my definition of friend is fairly stringent.

This results in me being on very good terms with all sorts of odd-bods in the area who greet me as a long lost sister, perhaps because I am one of the few who does talk to them and act naturally. They aren’t my friends as such but we brighten up each others’ days and so all is well.

This puts me in a bit of a bind on Facebook. While I don’t accept friend requests from males with nothing but female friends and generally not from people with whom I have no pals in common, I have recently been acquiring some surprise packages. These come in the form of one person bag-on-headrecommending me to another whom I accept sight-unseen. Some never communicate again, some turn out to be an irritation.

However, you will also know that I try to find the bright side of everything and a silly woman being an armchair psychologist on one of my posts resulted in A) a sharp riposte from me and B) a lovely chat with one of my Nanny Piglet people, one of my grand-daughters. All lovely stuff. Just reading “Go Nanny, Go!” made me grin rather a lot.

sistersWhile many of the folks I have met on FB have turned into real mates, I think in future I will direct people to my author page first. I’ll keep my personal FB page just that. I’m so lucky in that I now have friends all over the world. Some I may never meet in person, some I see now and again and some I talk to on the phone.

Time for a spring-clean and take the unwanteds to the charity shop. Being browbeaten on my own page??? 

8 thoughts on “A Mixed Blessing

  1. I have acquired some strange bods recently….. animal lovers is why they requested me, and why I accepted, but have had all kinds of difficulties ranging from making me feel terrible for not donating all the time… to having really suspect world views 😦

  2. I seemed to have experienced an increase in people trying to friend me too… No idea what’s about, but like you I try and only accept people I know or with whom I have plenty of people in common, but even that isn’t always a guarantee.

  3. I feel much more comfortable making friends on WordPress because a person’s blog gives such a good indication of who they are. The information on WordPress is more scattered and so when people suddenly turn up “out of nowhere” with friend requests, I’m not always sure how best to respond.

    Incidentally, I think you may have discovered one of my long-lost relatives in your first picture.

  4. I tend to say yes in the hope that they’re fans, like, someone who has actually read my books! Now it occurs to me that, if that were the case, they’d say so, or say something! Mostly they don’t seem to trouble me, and I’m forgetful enough that if they don’t say something pretty quick, I’ll probably forget them. Actual friend-making is, as you suggest, somewhat stickier.

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