Any news?

Many of my colleagues are producing newsletters and it has been suggested that they are a great way of staying in touch with the readership.

I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, my friends and regular followers if you would appreciate a monthly or quarterly newsletter from me and if so, what you would like to read in it.

There might, of course, be giveaways to those inscribed… bribery and corruption are my main

I’d like to know – do share and ask other friends to complete this. It’s more work for me but if there is a demand, we’ll do it.


2 thoughts on “Any news?

  1. I’m not fond of them.I’d rather read someone’s blog posts on a regular basis than a less frequent newsletter … my bias may be a tad inflamed because at the moment so many blogs these days, have that annoying pop-up that covers the entire screen, and a ‘close’ option that can only be found with the aid of a microscope and a bloodhound. 🙂

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