Ani’s Advent – The cold nose

Lilydog said I had to reblog this because it explains EVERYTHING hoomungs should understand.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

balls 2021sm

Dear Santa, don’t believe her

When she says that I’ve been nosey

When she comes in from the cold outside

Her cheeks all pink  and rosy.


Of course I have to have a sniff

Whenever I must greet her…

I feel that is incumbent

On a small dog of my metre.


She says my nose gets everywhere

In places that it shouldn’t…

Perhaps if she would keep her fur on

Then my cold nose wouldn’t.


But if she has to change her fur

Or get in steamy water,

Then I, a dog, will wield my nose

Just as a Small Dog ought to!


The Great Dog in the sky

Gave me a nose that I should use it…

You can’t ignore a gift like that…

That would be to abuse it.


The gifts bestowed upon us

We should use to make us shine.

(And Santa…

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