Fishing for writers

If you are accustomed to fishing you will know that your prey hides in dense weeds. In the case of authors, this tends to be performing Feles-Adoramus in the vast plants of Visioliber, or darting in and out of Trittilo.

To tempt them out, as one does with a fish lure, you will need something that tastes nice, a comfortable environment and signs that they are safe, amongst friends. I suggest these

irresistible yummies
safe environment

Now you are all set to go catch your first author and here is a giveaway to keep you interested.

My Scots/Irish grandmother said that I was “born to hang”…What did she mean? Clue being that it was nothing to do with crime. Comment below to enter.

I’ll be giving a prize of a gift voucher from  the Hillside Animal Sanctuary to the winner.




4 thoughts on “Fishing for writers

  1. Born to hang – you will never drown! If you are ‘born to hang’nothimg else can kill you I guess. You’d seemingly survive dangerous scrapes because it’s ‘not your time, not your way to go’

  2. Ah, that’s interesting! I only know it via its Polish version: “If you’re born to hang, you’ll never drown”. So as the previous commenter explained, “fate controls how we die; we do not control the time and cause of our death” . (I’m just commenting out of interest – don’t enter me for the draw because I won the last one and someone else should get the prize).

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