Must avoid…..

That is the Solstice over and as far as I’m concerned the next year has started.

NOT as bad as that year!

It’s traditional to look back and compare, rejoice and/or weep. OK, to be fair 2016 wasn’t exactly the worst year I’ve had in my life, in that I didn’t end up in hospital, and still have all the bits with which I started the year. Going by my own standards, that is pretty spectacular. But it was a collection of miseries which, stuffed into one bag, makes a rather smelly burden.

Every trip we tried was a notable failure, ending up with crashing Vanner, the camping-car, and having to hire a car to bring us and the two animals home. I am getting the message. No more traipsing around in a mobile home. If I go anywhere in 2017 it will be to people I know, who will let me sofa-surf, travelling by public transport. Yes, this means I will be going without the Ancient Mariner or the dog and cat but… that is not such a bad thing. We found in the past that a little “pet-sitting” break while the other half pushed-off, was rather wonderful.

So there is my number one “to be avoided”.

Allowing myself to be walked over. That is another thing which is going in the bin. You didn’t think I did? Wrong. Face to face I am very polite and anxious to help, especially if I have offered to lend a paw. That led to me being insulted by an overgrown toddler who thought that his ESN status excused any bad manners. This was compounded by public humiliation on his blog. I don’t travel from France to London to put up with that. No thanks, count me out.

I didn’t end up hospitalised but should have been after an assault on a campsite. Had the Old Feller had his thinking head on, he would have listened to me when I asked him to call the police. He could even have summoned assistance once he saw the extent of the damage to my hand. There being no witnesses and the assailant telling massive fibs meant that the management of the campsite refused to take my complaint seriously. OK – see point

Lot of internal damage
LOT of internal damage

number one – no camping. We still aren’t sure if Vanner is reparable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (ffnnarr)

On the bright side, I was beginning to get over the post-stroke brain fog and CFS…right up until we crashed the camping-car and I began reeling around, being attacked by furniture and sleeping a lot. But, on the whole, I feel a lot better than I did this time last year. HOURAH

I don’t feel sorry for myself. I’m just making a list of things to avoid to prevent similar events in 2017…oh and, of course, I won’t be letting Badger drive me anymore. Me in my little yellow van “Custard” is fine. We can pootle about where we want. We are exactly the right size and shape for each other, comfy in each other’s company. Staying in the village and environs, happy and fat on the village bench with the other grannies. If anyone wants my company they can come here to the Little Village under the Hill and stay with me.

6 thoughts on “Must avoid…..

  1. All practical resolutions, all things considered, and I have a feeling you reflect what many people must be thinking round about now, including me. Things will change in 2017, but we should at least try to control them!
    Here’s to a Peaceful New Year for you and everybody else…

  2. Good plan. Some people never learn anything. Here is to hoping the next year has fewer lessons to learn for us all (or they are a bit nicer). Have a good holiday, Ailsa.

  3. Thank you, ladies. Time to remove as much stress from my life as possible. Would be kinder on Badger too. I’d like to learn a few new things or re-learn old skills like playing music. HMMM – good idea. 2017 I shall learn.

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