[COUNTABLE] a sudden or major change, especially in ideas or methods

Last year I came up with the idea of “wisholutions” to avoid the feeling of remorse when breaking “resolutions”.

Now I’ve changed my mind again and decided that “wisholutions” are wishy-washy. Do or not do, there is no “try”.  To this end, I resorted to some old Celtic magic which is normally used at Samhain (the Celtic New Year) or Yule the Winter Solstice. “Ah buggrit”, I was ill then and it’s the intention that counts most, not the timing. I can do spells at midday that demand the full moon if I feel like it.

I wrote several words on a bit of paper representing things I would like to remove from my life, expel, expunge, give the order of the boot. I won’t tell you them all because having done my WooWoo on them and consigned them to the fire I feel a heap better and more energized. That’s one of the things, you see…continually being dropped on my head recently has left me lethargic and lazy when I’m not flat-out asleep.

One of the reasons I’m not as successful a writer as I could be is that my productivity is woefully low. Wrote two good books in quick succession, did a circus dismount from my motorbike and couldn’t write for nearly two years. That was a disaster for my sales.

Idle paws
Idle paws

Having got tired, CFS, ME and all the other alphabet soup of lazy…I rather got used to lying on my bed doing bugger all. No more. You remember my friend Otter down on the river? She sneaked into my room and whispered in my ear that her great-grandmother said, “Idle paws get caught up in weeds”. That would mean drowning! I realised what she was telling me. The way I was going on I was quite literally drowning my writing ability and any chance of success.

My health problems have mainly been down to my own dyspraxia (clumsiness) brought about my brain injury. I can get around this by practising “looking where I’m going” more esoterically known as “mindfulness”

Another by-product of spending most of my time reclining is that I have ballooned up. OK I can’t  do much exercise with my jiggered spine and size-mattersarthritis but I’m going to ask Lisa, my physiotherapist, to give me some ideas next Wednesday. A very good on-line friend, who specialises in this subject, offered to look at my diet and exercise log for a month and give me pointers after I wrote and told her I’d bought one of her books. She has motivated me and I’m logging every dog-walking minute and so far, just doing that has put me off chocolate, biscuits etc as I’d hate to see them written down for someone else to see.

So that’s a very healthy little dog Lily enjoying more walks, a happy advisory otter and me, wishing you all the best for your own New Year (with or without Revolutions)



9 thoughts on “New Year’s REVOLUTION

  1. Good for you Ailsa – I love the idea of wisholutions as I’m generally put off making resolutions because it feels like setting myself up to fail. But I’ve made some this year anyway – we’ll see how it goes! 😀

    1. Thank you both, just keeping a diary has already made me think “Do you WANT to write it down” if I go near the chocolate or bikkie tin! Feeling inspired! Thanks Sally and thanks Olga for your encouragement – you always do! xxx

  2. Love your humour, Ailsa. Must look up the word dyspraxia when I can get up the energy. Thought it was something my youngest grandchild had as a baby. She would never say anything. But when she wanted something there was no mistaking. The noise she made was fit to burst several ear drums. She’s sixteen now, with a lovely singing voice, and she can talk the hind leg off a donkey.

    1. Dyslexics can’t read, Dyspraxics can’t pick anything up without dropping it, walk into stuff because they don’t see it. Total dysfunction of balance, co-ordination etc. Clumsy buggers in other words! It’s the technical term hahahaha

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