Launch party for Never on a Saturday

Hello Sue, Hello Guests!

Thank you for inviting us over for your launch party. We wish this book as much success as all your other ones,which we loved.

Us? Well, I’ve brought two lovers from my own books Alchemy and Shaman’s Drum. They were fascinated by the idea of love across time. Let me introduce them to you….

IAMO Greetings, Readers and Scribes. I am Iamo a priest of the Mother Goddess who happens to go adventuring, much against my better judgement, to fight demons. I love reading. I studied Ancient and Modern Religions at University under Professor Adrian Oliver. Scribe Sue is a good friend of our Scribe Ailsa so I have met her several times and stand in awe of her enormous knowledge of so many things.

RIGA Wotcher. I’m a Black Shaman Assassin (no, not a rare job for a woman in our day) so Iamo and I are sidekicks in our quests to rid the New World Order of demons.

We shouldn’t have become lovers so we sympathise with the characters in this book. It was forbidden by both our orders, being from the opposite side of the tracks religiously, but at least we are both from the same era.

IAMO Yes, we were severely punished for that crime, even being imprisoned for a long time but we are together now. I have to admit that although Riga is of my era, I had to get used to her shape-shifting. It’s rather unnerving to come home and find that your partner has become a cat (black, obviously). The first few times I didn’t realise and ran around shouting for her, while treating the cat like a stray, giving it lots of treats and tickling its tummy. It was only when a very human giggle came out that I cottoned on!

RIGA (laughing loudly) Well I don’t like fish!

IAMO So our love life hasn’t exactly been plain sailing. Time travel? I suppose the nearest I came to it was when a student I found I could put myself, in my mind, back into the centuries we were studying. Understanding the religious beliefs and mindset of a people, helps enormously in understanding them completely. After long days of studying one period I would dream that I was living then. That was quite an experience.

RIGA I talked to Scribe Sue about my experiences because, being a Shaman, I can travel between worlds in trance. I have gone back in time but not very far. Usually I only go to investigate a case I am taking on. We do justice so I will cast myself back to see the truth of a story before accepting the job of revenge on someone who has been accused of something vile. Denouncers tend to exaggerate and I often find the truth is quite the opposite. Then I like turning the tables and visiting bad karma on the complainant.

Thanks dear friends, Ailsa here again. So. We have a time-travel question for you, Readers. Answer in the comments section and Sue will pick a winner. Prizes are an e-copy of Alchemy or Shaman’s Drum. Two winners.

Question – Alchemy is Book One and Shaman’s Drum is Book Two but which one was published first and when?


Shaman’s DrumSDFront1

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