Cyber Bullying

I was bullied at school but, until yesterday had never been bullied on the internet. It was a double shocker because A) it was a happy day, the launch of my first new book in 3 years following my near-fatal motorbike accident B) the perp was someone supposedly au fait with the book business.

You would think that everyone involved would realise that a writer with a publisher has a lot of fellow-authors who help each other. It would be natural, therefore, to expect my colleagues from Crooked Cat to be posting all over the place to share my joy. No?

It started when Jane Bwye, possibly the most gentle and inoffensive person I know, posted a share on The Bookshop Café on FB. Their banner reads “Welcome book lover, you are among friends.” which now makes me think with friends like that who needs enemies?

She was given the sort of ticking-off a naughty schoolgirl could expect from a prefect (believe me, I was at a girls’ public school). She was accused of SELF-promotion. excuse me, literary genius, but that would be publicising her OWN work, not that of a friend, wouldn’t it? So I contacted this over-bearing moderator and we had a private discussion on FB message.

If I thought he was rude to Jane Bwye, he was only getting started! Remember that this man does not know me, has had no dealings with me on internet and still feels he can throw accusations like this around…..

Matt Mason    : It’s also very underhand to ask other members to promote for you to get around our rules.

Either this guy is a total moron who knows nothing about the publishing industry and authors helping each other, or he is accusing me of being a CHEAT! I am not. I never cheat, bend rules or “get around” guidelines. My faith ensures that I am scrupulously honest at all times. It is a point of honour with me.

I explained that I also have groups and would never spam or ask others to do so for me. He refused to apologise. I told him he was badly-brought up which is one of the worst insults we French can give – it is a slur on the person AND their family. Cheat, my backside – I can find much more fitting words for this, including “idiot” which he also used in conversation with me.

Well – people have looked at how he spoke to Jane, heard what he called me and left that group. Hope he’s happy.

It’s no way to run a railway…or a book-centred FB group.


19 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying

  1. In your way of being honest, you took this talk in private, which is great, when you deal with honest people. Bullies just use this way to throw more shit.
    I hope, that you will find other good groups, who are acting more normal.

    1. I won’t let them get away with it. He didn’t spoil my day – how could he with so many, many friends making it extra special for me? I just hope someone shares this post on their group hahahhaa

  2. Geez! You me very know…I have wondered about this “no self promotion rule”. Why is there such a rule? I don’t see why groups prohibit it. I like to read about other books and if they are on special or have won an award etc. more interesting than some of the things that are shared!

  3. I left that group ages ago..and recently several others, notably a historical novel group where the organiser strictly limited the amount of book promos anybody could post..and then used their position as moderator to humble-brag all the time. *rolls eyes* xxx

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed recently that groups seem to have an “in” crowd who can post what they like but woe betide anyone else who shares anything at all. Glad to give this group some publicity they deserve!

  4. There are a few too many of those types as moderators in FB groups. I’ve gotten into it a few times with one who will go out of their way to attack anyone they disagree with to the point of stalking someone outside the group. It’s not worth staying in groups like that.

    1. Nobody gets to talk to me like that in real life so I’m damned if he’s getting away with it by being anonymous on Facebook. I’d like this to go viral. He should be made to admit to his rude bullying

  5. Bravo, Ailsa. That bully deserved to be called out. I wonder if he’s just a bully online or has the nerve to insult people in public to their faces. I think I probably can guess. Bullys are cowards. I hope the sale of your book is phenomenal. 🙂 — Suzanne

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