Possessions lessons

Some of you may have remarked that my life has been somewhat lively since last August when I celebrated my Croning. Things are changing and the only reason for change is: lessons to be learned.

You may remember that my old pent made it known that it needed to be elsewhere, around the time that a dear friend wanted to be initiated. Perfect! They found each other just when I was required to change for another symbol.

I only realized tonight that most of my everyday jewelry had gone missing in the hospital. I don’t mind. I am not very attached to possessions. They are like people. They come into one’s life for a reason a season or a lifetime and very few are for life. They have been stolen? Well, perhaps they will find their way to someone who needs but can’t afford them. I hope so..

My third degree pent which came back to me for my Croning? Well, with the news about my health, I need stronger and more wild protection. Father-love rather than mother-love – I had already ordered a Cernunnos head pendant which would be more suitable – the Lord of the Wild Places, Protector of the Animals will sit above my poorly heart to shield it. I’ve worn a pent for over twenty years, in my older age maybe I need the more original symbols.

Twenty years ago, Badger put a ring on my finger to symbolise our love. He isn’t sad that it has gone. I simply brought out my box of ritual rings and asked him to choose one that would now represent our union. Very wisely, he chose a large Alexandrite which used to belong to my Aunt Helen, no mean witch herself, which came through my mother to me. It is the same colour as the amethyst engagement ring which, in our usual arse-about-face-style, he bought me a year after marriage. We went on honeymoon before the wedding too! So finally, our collaboration will be shown by a mixture of colour and hereditary which has no more meaning than my original afterthought engagement ring.

Things mean what we chose to make them mean. A soft toy can be more meaningful to a couple than a costly jewel, depending on its significance in their life together.

I adore my funny little ex-postal van. It isn’t a sports’ car, fast or flashy but it is an ideal teddy-mobile and suits me down to the ground. A funny little two-person plus animals vehicle that takes me where I want to go, comfy and fitting my size and style. The only other vehicle I have had which was more apt was my 2CV – a mobile teddy-bears’ picnic mobile. Both can be used for shopping or impromptu camping.

I had one of those and it is gone – Custard is his perfect replacement. Feelings and people matter while things don’t unless they represent those feelings and people who are gone for good. Lesson learned.


4 thoughts on “Possessions lessons

  1. Thank you, David. I don’t mind. Maybe someone else needed them more than me I learned about “things” when my mother died & I was selling our house. Sat in the midst of boxes of “stuff” I burst into tears. My mother came back to say – oi! them is just things, what you need you have in your heart and head. They matter!

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