When “nice” stops.

Nice me

Following the latest terrorist attacks in London I am moved to offer some advice. Firstly, read this article  

Some of us have had the good fortune to be trained and our minds are on automatic. If someone is out to kill me, I’m going to make it as difficult and uncomfortable as possible.

The problem for civilians is that they have spent their entire lives being told to be “nice” polite and avoid hurting people. So first off – get over that idea. Go and take lessons in self-defence.

Secondly – stop worrying about hurting someone. That person wants to do you severe damage so it’s up to you to stop them.

Running away is a good idea if it’s practical. This does not include if firearms are involved. Can you run faster than a bullet? Can you run to somewhere sensible to hide? In doube quick time?

I was lucky enough to make friends with a Rock Ape (RAF Regiment) Sergeant who taught me. His first words were “If your life depends on it, everything is fair.” Yup, this includes poking eyes out or straight-finger jabbing them in the throat (that’s nasty). Put your own hand gently on your throat and swallow. Feel the lump? That’s where you aim for and put all your force behind it.

The biggest mistake most people make is not meaning it. This person wants to kill you. If you are going to aim for the groin, go for it – explode the damn things. If you are kicking up from under the kneecap, make sure you move it up their thigh.

If he or she gets up again, you are in BIG trouble – but they were going to kill you anyway so you have nothing to lose.

Get inventive with improvised weapons. I fully intend to carry a perfume spray bottle of pure bleach in my handbag – that in the eyes will disable someone and it is legal. Handbag? Wow that is a perfect weapon to swing at the side of their head – in the article he mentions computer bags but most women (including me) have half a ton of weight on a long string – hammer throwing isn’t a game, it’s a defence mechanism but don’t let go, you can use it again.

Get trained.

Also – go and do a first aid course because if you finish defending yourself, you can devote time to helping the injured. In our Paris attacks many people died because nobody dared try first-aid on them. OK so if you put a tourniquet on someone who is bleeding to death, amputation will probably follow…but that is better than bleeding to death on the spot…isn’t it?

Lastly – if you are going to bottle or glass someone in the face, do remember to twist it. Your original thrust will do damage but twisting it will remove eyes, tear skin etc. The idea is to disable them, giving you time to escape.

You are not a soldier, you are saving your own life – the aim is to get away. I hope this has inspired some of you to work on it. Be safe xxxx

Not so nice me!

15 thoughts on “When “nice” stops.

  1. Nice summary!
    I believe everybody should have, at least, the basics on first aid. Incredible the number of times I’ve had use for it over the years, and it’s really not that difficult. We just never seem to “make the time”… yet could save someone’s life one day.
    * Note to self. Never, never, NEVER, piss off Ailsa! 😉 xx

  2. Bleach in a perfume spray will cause scarring and blindness similar to acid attacks and might be blown accidentally onto innocent people nearby, or even yourself – I’d suggest using Chilli Oil instead – still stings the eyes, but can be washed off (use milk if possible, or water if milk not available) without undue damage occurring (if it hits an innocent person).
    Regards weapons and other tactics, especially against knife attacks – I concur with you and John.
    I also wholeheartedly agree with your admonition to GET TRAINING!

    1. Thanks for that. I’ll re-consider. Teatree oil stings like hell but I’d only be spraying into the eyes if I were virtually nose-to-nose. I think training is essential. One can’t practice with a video!

  3. Wonderful advice which I will remember. What sticks in my mind was being told how to head butt someone properly. This advice was given to me when I was much younger. You aim for the bridge of the nose that will drop anyone trying to assault you. For good measure, if they are male, follow with a kick to the balls.

    1. Good! Even if I have only got people thinking about this, I have maybe done some good. I avoid the “Paisley kiss” these days as I have had too many head injuries myself and am likely to knock myself out – fail !!!!

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