Every ending …..

… is also a beginning.    I’ve lived by this all my life, it’s part of the pagan creed and just common sense. When something stops, something else starts because Nature abhors a vacuum.

This has all come home to me in many ways recently. Facing up to Badger’s death has been a surprisingly positive experience for both of us. We decided that we’d just make the best of every day given to us and enjoy. Hence his decision to go on a Farewell Tour to say goodbye to places he’s liked. We’re having more fun than we have in years.

I don’t know what the future holds for me post-Badger but I do know that there will be a future which is an improvement on imagining following him closely behind.  Being a full-time carer is a change and I have to keep remembering to ask him to do things too – he isn’t incapacitated yet.

Having not written anything for ages due to my own health problems, I suddenly decided to write again. It is good therapy for me to have something selfish to do. Perhaps there is also a new beginning for me as a writer, who knows?

Signs keep coming to me and little spirit messages pop up. They are very reassuring. 

9 thoughts on “Every ending …..

  1. That’s an interesting content. Some might say that it could modern science ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just flows from one form to another. But I think science can’t really explain how that works in real life. As ‘every end has a new beginning’, it’s a feeling which science can’t measure.

  2. I am thinking about you a lot at this difficult time, Ailsa… full of admiration for your calm and dedicated attitude.
    Know that we are always with you… remember that when struggling through the difficult times?
    Love and best wishes always…

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