Hello Mumz frenz, Lilydog here.

I is confused. Wen I not well I go vet, he stick thing up my bum and needle in neck or give mum poke-down-throat bits. I go home and sleep a lot.

Well mum not been well and doing very good impression of Great Dane barking. She went sleepies for a few days but soon as she was fit for walk we all got in kennel on wheels and went to Spane. It all mixed up with Dad being on the way to Rainbow Bridge. He wanted to come and see the big water for last time so we is on the beetch.

Mum is now busy cos she just Mum to us and Dad. She said her next job in writing was “retirement”. That mean she not tell stories any more. I not mind but Piston is furious. He liked saying “Mum is a Cat, is her job”. She says she got too much inside her head to invent stories. Maybe later when things a bit more quiet.

I remember when my brothers went Rainbow – it very quiet after. So maybe Mum have more time to invent stories then. But I not want Dad to go Rainbow, even if he be with Titch, Dogge n Gubby.

6 thoughts on “Confused….

  1. Fanks Lili. What a clever woofer you is.
    Great riter of lettr type wurds n all.
    Hasta la vista! (Try dat on dem local woofs. Cervesas all nite.)
    Woof to mum n dad.
    See u all soon.

    Bon route mon ami!

    Your pal,

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