Small deities

He was fascinated by history. All his life he had listened to stories from other “leftovers” who told him what it was like in the twenty-first century, before the Invasion. Although he was more than half Invader himself, hence no name, he was in love with planet Earth.

Discovering what had been the public library was a huge bonus. He could read prose and poetry from hundreds of years back and imagine how the planet had looked before. Often he had to look up words which had lost their meaning over time. Very patiently he taught himself to create colouring tinctures, bases and applicators before launching his first work on the world “Daffodil Welcome”. Not having seen a trumpet he did not know the simile but he knew that butterflies and lanterns were symbols of hope. That was another word which didn’t figure highly on the planet since the invasion.

3 thoughts on “Small deities

  1. What has the planet been up to this time around? Something to attract the attention, sufficient to be invaded?
    Sci-fi comes to Earth. Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, won’t like this.
    Intriguing starter for several…

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