Bloody Limie

Speaking generally, I prefer animals to humans. Of course I know some people whom I adore just as those who say “I hate dogs” end up cuddling Lilydogge (which is why it is silly to make sweeping generalisations). I have also known people who are convinced that their child even looking at a dog or cat will cause them to catch something.

Animals are straightforward – they either like or dislike you and make the fact known. Should one be trying to help an injured animal, one is careful …rather like ambulance crew dealing with damaged drunks. However, I have finally got my reward for a lifetime of helping wild animals (yes even the dead ones which I move out of the road and bless)

My illness which has been variously diagnosed as ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other mental problems has finally been nailed by a blood test – Lyme Disease. This is a huge relief as having a confirmed diagnosis is reassuring and it means that I probably don’t have multiple sclerosis which was also suspected (symptoms are very similar but the presence in my blood of anti-Borrelia is a high five for tick bite and thumbs down for MS.

Of course I have no idea when I was bitten by a deer tick and the idiot who wrote “a large red blotch on the area of the bite can not be ignored” has never seen my arms and legs on a normal day.

The great news is that antibiotics work against lymes while there is no cure for MS. Wheeeeeeeeeee – it will go away!

8 thoughts on “Bloody Limie

  1. A-ha! A mystery solved and curable!
    One more item to cross off the list.
    I know what you mean about dogs.
    Had a boss who loved his German shepherds. The problem was that were one to approach the boss, the boss would tense up which the current beast would sense sending him ballistic.
    Before I left that firm I had Killer Ky, another driver and myself in the mess room. Then the boss arrived.
    Just looking through the windows he was amazed we were alive and there was no blood and gore.
    Bosses, what do they know, eh?

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