Retired (re very tired)

OK so I accepted that going back to nursing would be a bit of a faff but I didn’t think (until my beloved doctor told me) that no nurse or doctor was on duty 24/7

Although Badger is doing a wonderful impression of not having terminal cancer or having suffered a severe stroke he has his moments – giddy, unable to stand and brain scrambled. 

What is taking up my time is worrying about him. Even asleep I keep checking his breathing, making sure he hasn’t laid on one of the cats or is strangling himself with the covers.

Worrying comes naturally to me, I am a Yiddisher Momma – but this is relentless. Hence my absence from anti social media recently – that and a very unkind person calling me self absorbed…….. Sorry, sister, but I am all I have at the moment, if I don’t write about me I am out of material!!!

So on the face of it Badger is doing great except when he isn’t and I am doing a frantic juggling act between doing everything and forcing him to do what he is able to. I fetch the firewood in but he is capable of carrying a shopping bag – see the difference

I love all my FB and Tweepie family and miss talking to you – along with my new attitude of “my happiness is of my own making and responsibility” I am going to make time to get out in the web world and see what you are all up to.

We also seem to be adopting cats all over the place – every time I see a feline outside I rush to bring it a bowl of bikkie – this could be my age as I am now officially an OAP in France.  That is another story and several tons of paperwork – wouldn’t you know it?

So Ancient Crone signing out and promising to be more in touch xxxxx

11 thoughts on “Retired (re very tired)

  1. Try and have a break when you can and to take care of yourself. You must be exhausted. But we’ll be happy to hear from you any time you can. Love to Badger and all your menagerie!

  2. Remember Sweetie that though you’re with Badger and looking after him all the time, you have to look after yourself too please. Find a little time for yourself.
    Huge Hugs

  3. Ive been here and done this, more than once…..and your docs are right. All caregivers must realize that even professional nurses are NOT on duty 24/7! But when the “patient” is our spouse, or child or even parent, it CAN BE 24/7….we care so much and we are so dedicated…. want to do the best for those we care about. The important part of what everyone is saying here is that you MUST….MUST… always take time out for yourself…. short naps, or longer if you can…. changng your focus to your interests or to just a bit of silliness for yourself…. whatever it is that can give you a “lift”….some relief . None of us can emphasize enough just how important this is! Its too easy to think, :Maybe later”… or , ” I just cant take a break now!”….Yes! and you must! Lots of friends care about you …… and want you to take care of yourself! 🙂 x

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