photo0011.jpgI iz Jinjurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wot came to live year cupple of leaf drops ago. I lived down rode with bendy family but likes Badgurrr and Otturrrr more, they not kik me.

Here iz my not-real-mother bro Piston wot was found under hood of herself’s van so we pent catis like bruvvers. I iz the hoodie an he iz the “gooboy” At moment he is lying on MUMZ bed cos she iz ppoooooooooooooooooly. Not as pooooooooooooooooly as DAD wot hav cansurr and had stroke witch is not nice stroke like tikkletummy.

His stroke made him a bit mentul and sumtimes he not able to walk or growl proper. Mum is veri good and give him nommy din dins to make him bettur and nod lots to show she unnerstan (even if she dont)

My job is rodent sterminatorrrrrrrrr. Bro and I do hole village tween us and Mum gives bikkies for evry rodent we kill. They nise peeps and speek a bit of cattish – and we haz a pet dog callt Lilly – we all go walkz roun village togevvur – dat nise cos other peeps show teef and sa Bonjour an Ah vous promenez tout les animoo

Even wiff dog here is not 2 bad.

3 thoughts on “Hawopurrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. It’s good to know you are in good company, Ailsa, and I hope you feel better soon. Lots of love for you and Badger and of course, all your furry companions.

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