Week 94

I stood on the platform, looking past my bound ankles to the fire beneath. I caught the eye of the Witchfinder who was striding triumphantly around the piled-up wood. He laughed, thinking me terrified but I smiled at him, knowing I wasn’t. This was as unjust and stupid as his “examination” of suspected witches. The … More Week 94

Ginger gramps

I is jellus. Lily made out she is lookin after everyone and you all said nicies to her. But who you fink is making all the kittens? Piston and Maigret have been to vet so not make babies but we all gone around villidge telling every cat that our place is good for food n … More Ginger gramps

Having kittens

  Hello Mumz frenz – here is Lily again!  I am using puter cos mum hav bad back and is looking aftur dad wot is not well and going vet a lot. Me? I am looking after evvibuddi – taking hoomungs out for walks as is good for them, also being alarm on door when … More Having kittens

Catching up

Hello Friends. Come and grab a seat, pour a coffee, it’s on the stove and give Lily a quick cuddle, she’ll only pester you if you don’t. So I have been absent on FB and Twitter for a while following an unfortunate outburst by a rather sick woman. No matter, that is all over and I can … More Catching up

Forgotten Flower

With thanks to Miranda Kate for Week 79 She left us as she had always predicted, on the seashore at night, just as she herself had once been left so many years ago. I always went next door to my Grandmother’s cottage first thing, after breakfast, to take her milk and bread. That morning, the … More Forgotten Flower


I iz Jinjurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wot came to live year cupple of leaf drops ago. I lived down rode with bendy family but likes Badgurrr and Otturrrr more, they not kik me. Here iz my not-real-mother bro Piston wot was found under hood of herself’s van so we is like bruvvers. I iz the hoodie an he … More Hawopurrrrrrrrrrrr