In my beginning…

… is my end (T.S. Elliott) I wasn’t going to make a big song and dance about my recent dementia diagnosis but everyone has been so very kind and lovely that I had to write a BIG thank you note. In case anyone missed it, my brain is deteriorating rapidly and my last MRI scan … More In my beginning…


eugene_delacroix_-la_liberte_guidant_le_peuple [COUNTABLE] a sudden or major change, especially in ideas or methods Last year I came up with the idea of “wisholutions” to avoid the feeling of remorse when breaking “resolutions”. Now I’ve changed my mind again and decided that “wisholutions” are wishy-washy. Do or not do, there is no “try”.  To this end, I … More New Year’s REVOLUTION

Must avoid…..

That is the Solstice over and as far as I’m concerned the next year has started. It’s traditional to look back and compare, rejoice and/or weep. OK, to be fair 2016 wasn’t exactly the worst year I’ve had in my life, in that I didn’t end up in hospital, and still have all the bits … More Must avoid…..

A Nanny Sandwich

She has never been very fond of the new camping car, Vanner. She preferred the old home-made conversion of a Renault Traffic which she called Myfanwe (MY van oui?) Nanny Ab is called that by Missy even though she is not a blood relative, only a mentor and guide all her life. The woman known … More A Nanny Sandwich


I get a lot of inspiration from FB and this week it has all been on the above theme. I think I shocked a few people when I answered one of those silly questionnaires which included: How many pregnancies ? (in my case 3) and How many children? (none) Most people know I have no kids but didn’t … More Family

50 Shades of error

I have mentioned before that I am Bipolar and this means I function in two modes, full speed or stop. I also have difficulty detecting shades, things are black or white, emotionally speaking. The expression “all or nothing” was made for me. It is all connected with feeling things too much or, as my darling … More 50 Shades of error

Lily tells…

Hello friends, especially new friends on Flipper. I want to tell you about Mum being fierce. Got to understand that Mum can “go canine” when she wants. Think she does this with cats & horses too. She don’t bark or sniff bums but she can go in head and do understandings. This why people say … More Lily tells…

Nanny Piglet

I’ve had a lot of names in my life. From my original Scottish name Ailsa through to my French name Elise … via all sorts of wrangling. The name I cherish most is Nanny Piglet. Why? Well, my nearly grandchildren, offspring of my other half’s first marriage, their next in line, came over to visit. … More Nanny Piglet