A Midnight Clear

Bobby’s family ran an old-fashioned farm. They had worried about going out of business but with the renewed interest in animal-welfare and natural products, they were becoming very popular again with customers flocking to their farm shop. Like any farm-kid Bobby helped out as much as he could after school and at weekends. He loved … More A Midnight Clear

Horror Bites #1

Word count 200 TIME OUT We looked forward to holidays. Both of us in such busy, organised jobs, depending on schedules, everything timed to the last second, depending on mobiles and smart watches to ensure we were where we should be on time. Trying to check in, I was annoyed that the receptionist was wasting … More Horror Bites #1

Get me an HEA!

Hello, Nanny Ab here. You find me in less than my usual mixture of jolly and furious. I’ve just seen something I’ve never seen before and it broke my tough old heart. Tink, the Happy Endings Fairy – you remember her, the GothFae who smokes purple sparkly cigarettes to stay visible and downs pints of … More Get me an HEA!


It’s well known that tales as they are passed down through generations become mangled. I have it on very good authority (one of my tiny dragons told me) that this is exactly what has happened to the “patron saint” of England. It was all a horrible misunderstanding which is why you will never see a … More Misunderstanding…


Nanny Ab loves special offers and freebies. She was brought up to be frugal so leaps on anything useful marked “reduced”. So it was that last night she was re-designing her business card. No, for a village witch a business card isn’t essential but shows a certain class, especially when this was at 50% off! … More (Ret’d)

Guillaume’s Bad Day

Storks are the symbol of Alsace, a small country that can’t make its mind up it if is German or French and so speaks a mixture of the two languages and benefits from both “cuisines” It was, therefore, a matter of complete bafflement to them that in mythology they were supposed to deliver the babies … More Guillaume’s Bad Day

The hidden face

I write this for Kim from Atlanta who commented on my post regarding this picture yesterday. .. hope you like it, Kim You all think you know me. Even those of you who haven’t met me, never dropped by, refer to me as Gay Paree, the City of Lights and Lovers. You don’t see past the … More The hidden face

Right time…

I’m a successful photographer now, not a struggling model/actress as I was back then, doing whatever I could to get by in Paris’ dirty world of sparkling fashion. As I walk towards the meeting place, looking only for the one man I want to see, I nearly miss the ethereal face made by the shadows … More Right time…

His name in French

For my beloved Silky and Gemma A lesson in kindness A tale from my own village in France. Down by the river, where the ruins still stand, was once a rich building, a fortified farmstead. Even now we still call it “Le château”. The son of the owner was a pleasant lad. He didn’t join … More His name in French