Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a momentous day for me. I was a very productive writer until I threw myself off a motorbike in a triple somersault. That was two years ago and finally…FINALLY, I have another book ready for release in March 2017 from Crooked Cat Books.  This is a completely different genre from … More ATTENTION PLEASE!

Helping with Horror

Here you see me being a totally delighted writer because I’m holding a copy of an anthology in which one of my stories was accepted. This isn’t so rare but it IS for a fabulous cause. All profits from this book will be donated to  Save the Children who in most cases are saving them from … More Helping with Horror

Any news?

Many of my colleagues are producing newsletters and it has been suggested that they are a great way of staying in touch with the readership. I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, my friends and regular followers if you would appreciate a monthly or quarterly newsletter from me and if so, what you would like … More Any news?

Why Magical Realism?

Those of us who have published books are often asked where we get our inspiration (or even ideas). My answer is simple – they say “Write what you know”.  That gives me a wide field to draw on as I’ve changed not only jobs but professions more often than the Pony Express changed horses. I … More Why Magical Realism?


Above is the logo of the British Advertising Standards Agency which controls the quality of all advertising in all media in the United Kingdom. I’ve had several dealings with them and one of the things they jump up and down on are unclear adverts where vital bits of information are missing. I feel I’ve been” … More Professional?

Revolution Day

Hello Ailsa, It’s great to be back at the Bingergread Cottage. Many thanks for inviting me! This week I’m celebrating the anniversary of my second novel Revolution Day, which was published by Crooked Cat this time last year. In honour of that, the e-book is reduced to 99p/99c until 17 July! (And of course, as … More Revolution Day

New opportunity!

That is otter giving you a high-paw because we have excellent news! I’m proud to announce that I’ve been accepted into the family of 117 contributing writers for OAPschat. My first article appears today. Thanks to Janice Rosser for this.  Hair Today.   I couldn’t be more delighted.

Sally Quilford

I don’t have a guest today but a message in a bottle has just been thrown at me by a passing carrier pigeon. Ah it’s from Sally Quilford who is really busy launching her new book. No wonder she didn’t have time to come by, even by magic carpet. So this is her 25th or … More Sally Quilford