Oh yes I can

In my long and varied career most people have come to the conclusion that I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it…with the sole exception of Badger, my current husband. He has spent over 20 years working on the basis that I am mentally 6 and totally unable to do … More Oh yes I can

NWD 2018

I have a notoriously bad memory and live on reminder notes and lists. My friends on Twitter tell me that this is National Writing Day so I should try to hang onto that fact. So – number One, while keeping up with my nursing and caring duties I must leave reminders all over the shop … More NWD 2018


I never found out why she did it. Rumours abounded from Bella wanting the lead part in the school play to me having nicked her boyfriend. All I knew was that from the age of ten I wanted to hide my face. Going to University probably saved my life. I made besties with a handicapped … More Steamy-punk-lady

Just in Time

It was only on the 5th of May that I wrote about retiring due to Badger needing nursing see here Within a week, as if wishing to prove me right, Badger decided to add a severe stroke to his cancer. Fortunately, it was on the left-hand side so only his right side is wonky which, … More Just in Time

Heading on …

As I have announced it to my colleagues, I will make it official. This is an enormous shout-out to Laurence and Stephanie of Crooked Cat Books and to all my lovely author colleagues with whom I have laughed, cried and banged my head on the wall for a few years now. At the end of … More Heading on …

New and old

This is one of my first entries concerning nursing my husband through his terminal cancer but don’t run away, it will be honest but not sad (often funny if it is like our usual life). I have dedicated my life at the moment to seeing him out happy. That is basically – no matter how … More New and old

Small deities

He was fascinated by history. All his life he had listened to stories from other “leftovers” who told him what it was like in the twenty-first century, before the Invasion. Although he was more than half Invader himself, hence no name, he was in love with planet Earth. Discovering what had been the public library … More Small deities


Hello Mumz frenz, Lilydog here. I is confused. Wen I not well I go vet, he stick thing up my bum and needle in neck or give mum poke-down-throat bits. I go home and sleep a lot. Well mum not been well and doing very good impression of Great Dane barking. She went sleepies for … More Confused….