Below is a photograph of a sufferer of the newly-discovered condition which translates as furniture attraction. I may look as if I had been set on by a gang of thugs in the east end but all it took was two mugs, a small table and a little help from Lily-dogge. Nothing broken but a … More Spellexitis

Week 67

When I was officially a Maiden, witchcraft was a banned subject. We knew that the women of my family were all witches working for good or ill, as people deserved, but it was a word which would never be used. I studied under my mother and grandmother and learned to put the case before “Them … More Week 67

En garde!

What you doing, Ginger? Why my hand? OK I cuddle you  – no? Tickle chin? Scratch top of head? Well what DO you want???? Keep pushing my hand on my computer. Normally you push my hand where you want tickled. Want to see your pictures? Read something?  Oh OK I haven’t been online for ages … More En garde!

Cats call

Hello Auntie’s mates, I am Jin Jurr  wot she hav spoken of. Piston is ritin this for me cos Englitch not my human meow. In the picture I am outside being sad. Y am I sad you arsk. Well Uncle is much better wot is good fing but Auntie who is Piston’s Mum is not good. … More Cats call

Oh yes I can

In my long and varied career most people have come to the conclusion that I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it…with the sole exception of Badger, my current husband. He has spent over 20 years working on the basis that I am mentally 6 and totally unable to do … More Oh yes I can

NWD 2018

I have a notoriously bad memory and live on reminder notes and lists. My friends on Twitter tell me that this is National Writing Day so I should try to hang onto that fact. So – number One, while keeping up with my nursing and caring duties I must leave reminders all over the shop … More NWD 2018


I never found out why she did it. Rumours abounded from Bella wanting the lead part in the school play to me having nicked her boyfriend. All I knew was that from the age of ten I wanted to hide my face. Going to University probably saved my life. I made besties with a handicapped … More Steamy-punk-lady