I’m back…

Hello Gang. Here I am back from my usual three-year drama-trauma hospitalization. Neither I nor the specialists have any idea how or why it happened but I suddenly had a “cardiac incident” which isn’t a heart attack but rather unpleasant. My blood pressure and pulse went through the roof causing oxygen deficiency in my brain, … More I’m back…

Nancy is a Diamond!

Coming in on the magic carpet now is my dear friend and fellow-Scot, Nancy Jardine. I’m so excited to see her as it’s been a while since she was at the cottage although she was one of the gang who really helped me out at my latest book-launch.  “OK Nancy, just say “Down, boy!” and … More Nancy is a Diamond!

The Team!

Here are the team who helped me make my Attention to Death launch such a success. They all published articles on their blogs to publicise my latest book. They are fabulous friends and MY family. Nobody paid them, they volunteered. Of course, I can’t do anything without Nanny Ab! So let’s have a standing ovation … More The Team!

Cyber Bullying

I was bullied at school but, until yesterday had never been bullied on the internet. It was a double shocker because A) it was a happy day, the launch of my first new book in 3 years following my near-fatal motorbike accident B) the perp was someone supposedly au fait with the book business. You would think … More Cyber Bullying

Criminal Cock-up!

Enormous thanks to my co-hosts Jane Bwye, Nancy Jardine, Sue Bernard and Katy Johnson for holding the fort when my Attention to Death launch party crashed due to a farmer knocking down a telegraph pole. Such is the fun of life in the wilds of near-Alpine France. So to make up for it, we are … More Criminal Cock-up!


BY CAROLYN HUGHES Genre: Historical fiction Release Date: 7th November 2016 Publisher: SilverWood Books Ltd Plague-widow Alice atte Wode is desperate to find her missing daughter, but her neighbours are rebelling against their masters and their mutiny is hindering the search. June 1349. In a Hampshire village, the worst plague in England’s history has wiped … More FORTUNE’S WHEEL