Published Short Stories

OUAT anthologyMetro Fiction released this, my first professionally published short story, in March 2012  “As you made me”

It was a great encouragement to carry on and I thank P J Kaiser for it – without this boost I might not have gone on to publish four more novels!

In May 2013 they were also good enough to publish In the Park 

While on holiday in June 2013 I decided to try my hand at humour. I’ve always been a bit of a joker face to face but had not put it down on paper. The resulting short-read was self-published on Smashwords and is entitled Four Go Mad In Catalonia 4 go mad

It has received 5* reviews and is only priced at 99 cents … so why not take a look at that too?

Anthologies – I was flattered to be asked to contribute to two of these. The first Once upon a Time is a collection of quirky re-tellings of old tales.

Forget me Not

2013 has been an extremely productive year for me. In November I heard that my stories were to be included in two more anthologies

Forget me Not – a collection of short stories on the theme of dementia published to raise funds for Alzheimer Research

And A Merry Minion Christmas which is a collection of Yule-tide tales written by a bunch of my utterly crazy mates in the Dark Fairy Queen’s realm. (we share a passion for all things magical, and as the only dancing otter I am allowed to play too) Tales By The Tree



Be Their Voice   A collection of animal stories to encourage rescue instead of buying pets. All authors donated their work for free – stories, poems and artwork. Honoured to be included in there and sure I will be doing this series again.

Not forgetting my dear publishers Crooked Cat Books…. Crooked Cat Tales CC Tales

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