Same problem

As many of you enjoyed my first Crone tale I thought I would tell you a personal one. I used to be a veterinary nurse and there are a couple of things in common with that and being a Crone. The decision to end suffering or try to prolong life is one and the impossibility … More Same problem

Progress Report

Agent M/T FR70/ may2015/24                  Assignment – ABRAHAM General observations. I am thinking of filing a complaint directly to Head Office as there has clearly been a mistake in the despatch office. While I accept I volunteered to go out on this job while far too young and … More Progress Report

Slov worm etc…

I’m getting over my panic attack about not speaking Slovenian. Having now mastered “Thank You” I’m off and running. It is very good for my soul to be somewhere I am unable to communicate – humbling and a lesson. Yes, of course, mostly we are relying on the good-will of the people we meet and … More Slov worm etc…

Brenda the Bountiful

Our guest today is a wonderful person and good friend. Not just an author but a tireless worker for charity. Please welcome Brenda May Williams. Wait for the carpet to land flat, Bren or you’ll not be able to get off with your sticks. Cam will jump up and give you a hand down. Did … More Brenda the Bountiful

Lizzie and Katie

Today I welcome another new writer with lovely Crooked Cat who publish me too. Coming in on the magic carpet is Lizzie Koch … Cameron go grab your “French waitress outfit”, you’ll be needed shortly! Welcome, Lizzie! Now, I know you love cold drinks as you don’t drink tea or coffee and you’re partial to … More Lizzie and Katie

Super Stars visit!

You find us in a state of huge excitement this morning as we have some very special guests coming to chat about their newest book. The orphans have put on their party hats because one of the guests is their hero. I’ve sent the magic carpet and if I tell you that I’m making a … More Super Stars visit!