A little knowledge?

Pee-boo! You might have noticed social media being a bit quiet for a few days. This is down to me taking to my bed and refusing to wake up. Why the title? Well, back in the early 1980s I worked as a vet-nurse which has given me an incurable habit of self-diagnosis. To date I … More A little knowledge?


I need to thank Seumas Gallagher, “ma big Scots pal” who wrote a great blog piece today which has prompted mine. It was about who actually writes our work and I freely admitted that my characters, being in a series, living in my house and great mates of mine, do most of the work themselves. … More Chamele-hound

A dog’s life

As any of you who have read Alchemy and Shaman’s Drum will know, I’ve gone a bit of a way down the shaman’s path (via detours around most religions). As an experiment I decided to take up a local mutt on a bet. He said I didn’t understand at all what being a dog was … More A dog’s life

Delivery mix-up

All my life I have thought I was a mix-up in the delivery room. Not in the hospital, in the pick and pack area. I’m sure I was meant to be an animal of some sort because I find humans so very difficult to fathom. Even communicating with them (which is supposed to be my … More Delivery mix-up


A three-point blog today, hence Trident. One – I am struggling to stay on social media despite a severe motorcycle accident last month that nearly killed me and left me with even more brain damage. I’m doing it to hang onto normality. I want to chat to my lovely friends who have been so kind … More Trident

The trick

I don’t often quote from religious texts of any variety but this one sprang into my head this morning and I thought I’d share. When the Universe decided to destroy the earth, saving only two of every kind of animal, one male and one female, Noah and his family were chosen as Project Leaders – … More The trick


Who’s his Mummy’s baby then? Titch was! Note Scottish humour, six week pup that looks like a calf? Call it Titch. There are drawbacks to being a shaman and keeping animals (should I say share your space with?) They know what you are thinking and Titch informed me at the beginning of this year that … More Baby!